Powerful Leadership Activities for Employees by Ascension Leadership Academy

Few things in business are more certain to elicit groans than icebreaking or team-building exercises. Why?   It is because most of these feel forced and inauthentic. They put employees in awkward s...

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Ascension Leadership Academy is an institution that is committed to supporting as many leaders as they can to help fulfill the unique dreams of the individuals. ALA was founded by Jenna and Brad Ballard, who had the vision of the first leaders to provide such a platform in San Diego. They knew it was their call to work alongside real leaders as they taught them to turn others into leaders with their invaluable insights. The founders want everyone they teach to choose to be a learner of life. 
ALA offers in-person training in Austin, Texas, and San Diego, California. More than a thousand students have graduated from Ascension Leadership Academy’s syllabus. The academy has watched marriages getting saved, relationships getting healed, offers received at graduations, dreams turning into reality, and business growing ten times. 
Ascension Leadership Academy, San Diego, offers training and coaching from the most skilled experts in the world. Our leadership style has inspired several leaders to create their ripple effect and transformational centers. Their core principles are authenticity, love, courage, integrity, and humble servitude. 
People of different religions, orientations, life experiences, ethnicities, and backgrounds will benefit from our training, and they are all welcomed at Ascension Leadership Academy. You can find diverse students’ group and their stories on our websites. We encourage you to go through their experiences, breakthroughs, leadership, discovery, and how every defined training will support you in living your life the best away.
Join our academy if you want to improve your life and take your leadership to the next level. 

Our Story

ALA was founded by Brad and Jenna Ballard upon a shared vision of bringing emotional intelligence development to the San Diego area after graduating in 2012.  

Our first official training was held in May of 2016 with a group of 29 students.

There are now over 1,000 ALA grads all over the world from two centers in San Diego, California and Austin, Texas.

Together, our students have formed bonds like family and created unbelievable results in their lives and communities.

Brad and Jenna's style of leadership has inspired countless others to also create their own training centers. Their ripple effect of leadership continues all across the nation.

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